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Replacement Parts


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Bar Stools Plus offers a complete line of replacement parts. Save money by repairing your existing chairs, bar stools and tables.

Need a new seat? We have it for you. Replace your worn out seats on your bar stools and chairs. Choose from our wide selection of fabrics - Naugahyde and Vinyl. Vinyl upholstery yard goods available.  Need a cushion made for your wooden seat?  We can do that too.  

Swivels are often referred to as Lazy Susans or Ball Bearings.  A swivel is a mechanism that makes a bar stool or counter stool turn from side to side.  There are many styles, shapes, and sizes.  

Swivels - Ferrules - Finnials - Adjustable Glides - Nail-On Glides - Insert Glides - Plastic Caps - Plastic Balls - Plastic Tips - Casters - and much more, all in stock.

Convert your short table into a tall or tall into a short one.  We sell parts for cast iron commercial grade tables including cross bases, round bases, columns, rods, spiders, and glides. 

Tall Tables - Seats - Bases - Tops - all sold separately. Buy direct and save. Most items in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Call or e-mail today - 800-817-8665 or

Examples / Photos of Swivels / and instructions to determine which swivel you need:


First, measure the distance between the screw mounting holes for both top and bottom of swivel.

Second, determine whether you need a flat swivel or one with a tilt (3 degrees -- usually for bar stools with a back)


3 degree:

Third, determine if you need a square bottom, round bottom (used on pedestal bases -- TEMPO brand barstools also use this style), or 4 square bottom (used on many wooden bar stools). 

Square bottom:

4 square bottom:

Round bottom:

Fourth, determine if you want a 360 degree swivel (swivels all the way around) or a return spring swivel (swivels on 180 degrees and stops -- returns to center when released).

Return Spring:

360 degree:

This is a Rocking / Tilt Swivel -- which allows you to rock or tilt back in a bar stool or chair.  There is a tightening mechanism in the front that allows you to control the degree to which you can rock or tilt.  


Examples / Photos of Bar Stool Bases:


Single Ring Chrome base:

Double Ring Chrome base:

X41 base (black square base):


Examples / Photos of Glides:

Ferrule Swivel Glides
We stock the Nickle Finish to fit 1" tubing.

Nylon Nail In Glides

Rocking glide for stack chairs.

Rectangular Fin Glides

Round Fin Glides

Square Fin Glides

Knock in swivel glide.
We carry several sizes.

Knock in swivel glide



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  Replacement Parts

Click here for our Bar Stool Buying Guide
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